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Hazelbrook Sober Living & Recovery is a recovery gem and an award-winning sober living Denver and recovery program in the Denver Metro area of Colorado and in Colorado Springs. We pride ourselves on providing LASTING RECOVERY FROM DRUGS AND ALCOHOL. It is a place of new habits, new friends, and new beginnings. It is a place where people can feel safe and supported so they can be free to grow physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Recovery from addiction is difficult and it is absolutely crucial to surround yourself with a strong and positive support system. We have homes for men and women. Give us a call right now and come join our sober community!

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Hazelbrook is a proud sponsor of ParadigmONE.
ALL Hazelbrook residents will have unlimited exclusive access to ParadigmONE! 

A one of a kind sober communty offering Boxing, Art, Weightlifting and much more!
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