Hazelbrook Sober Living & Recovery is not just a place to live but a place where you will be a part of a family and grow as an individual.


Having a loved  one that suffers with drug or alcohol addiction can be one of the hardest things a family can go through. Families often feel helpless and powerless as they watch their child or other family member destroy themselves and their lives before their eyes, it is incredibly painful. Often times an addict takes advantage of the love their family has for them and uses it to feed their own selfish needs and their addiction. Families love their loved ones so much they will do anything to help them and get them back and very often that is the very mindset that is enabling them.  As addicts our brain is short-circuited to be focused primarily on feeding our addiction and naturally we choose the path of least resistance, we lie and manipulate because we know we can usually get away with it. In a sober living environment you can be rest assured your loved one is in a safe and loving place while at the same time know that they are getting the unbiased support and structure they so desperately need.