Hazelbrook Recovery™

Hazelbrook Recovery™ is a separate subsidiary of Hazelbrook Sober Living, LLC. Hazelbrook Recovery is a quality sober living program that is specifically set apart to serve the needs of Problem Solving Court clients. Hazelbrook Recovery provides a clean, safe, and structured living environment for people who deal with substance abuse issues. Hazelbrook Recovery is dedicated to being a partner of the Problem Solving Courts by working closely with clients in their various stages of their legal situation. Our goal is to help residents throughout their legal situation by providing them with the support, structure and accountabilty so that they can be successful. We work closely with probation officers and court coordinators to do everything to ensure that residents have a safe and sober environment to live in while they are taking neccessary steps to better their lives. If you are in Drug Court or have a client that is on probation that could beneifit from being a sober living please contact us!


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