We currently operate 4 Men's Houses and 2 Women's Houses. All of our homes are located in nice, quiet, and serene suburb neighborhoods and are kept very clean at all times and are super nice both inside and out! All of our homes are located in the quaint Denver Metro suburbs of Southeast Aurora, Colorado. All homes are located within walking distance of bus stops, grocery stores, AA/NA meetings, and more!

  Potential residents may select which location would be preferable but placement is based on availibity and other factors as well. The following are general areas of our houses as we do not disclose exact locations out of respect for privacy and anonymity of residents.

(Please look at our Photos page for pics of homes)

Fairplay House

Men's House

Illiff & Chambers

Elkhart House

Men's House

Hampden & Chambers

Waco House

Men's House

Tower & Mississippi

Ada House

Men's House

Buckley & Mississippi

Andes House

Women's House

Quincy & Reservoir

Salem House

Women's House

Peoria & Alameda

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