"Hazelbrook Sober Living helped save my life."

The past 18 years I had been addicted to methamphetamine. September 17th 2017, I walked through the doors of the first Hazelbrook Sober Living house after loosing everything and being diagnosed with a severe lung condition to which there is no cure. 

In the beginning it was a struggle to leave my past behind and venture into a life of "normalcy". To live life on life's terms....  As I took residence at Hazelbrook, I was broken. It was hard to trust people. Especially strangers. 

But after entering the program at Hazelbrook, I found the love and support of Gene and

Veronika, who quickly along with the other girls at the house, became my family. 

Through the tough times in early sobriety Gene and Veronika encouraged and supported me to work a program and keep doing the next right thing. Before I knew, the days turn into months and the months, to over a year now.

Today I'm proud to say I am a recovering addict. Celebrating 15 + months clean and Free from substance use. I found a relationship with God. My health is getting better as my body heals and I've had numerous gifts added to my life that would not have been possible without the gift of recovery. My blessings are many.

I thank God for leading me to Hazelbrook and encourage anyone who suffers from the disease of addiction to give this program a chance....

" If I can be free from the bondage of addiction... Anyone can!" 

~Anonymous Hazelbrook Resident

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