ATTENTION 🚨🚨🚨 this is the place where it all started , the change , the growth , and most importantly the miracles. This program showed me love and compassion and showed me a new way of living in my time there i went thru struggles and tribulation for sure and certain i didnt know if i could do it and didnt think i was worthy but thankfully to these certain people who showed pushes me to the light because of them the sky is the limit and dreams do come true Ayla Fraschetti Geno Shvedov John KLinghammer Sam Velasquez Sasha Shvedov thank you for that and to my house mates at the salem house thanks for ur love and support oh and all the "good mornings" Julia Albertson Brooke Nelson Tonya Ortiz Dorothy Woodard Alaina goff I was there for six months and this place changed my life and the ppl involved left a imprint on my heart for life ! Yesterday i transition into my own place so i can get my kids back so to my HAZELBROOK FAMILY THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING BUT IT DONT END HERE IT WILL BE LIKE I NEVER LEFT I LOVE YOU GUYS !!!! Im truely grateful #BLESSED#UP #WE#DO#RECOVER#

Heather Marie Cunningham


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I love living in Hazelbrook

I love living in hazelbrook it is an amazing sober living that I get to call home I love all the women in my house we are a little family here and if anybody struggling with addiction you are always w

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